Deze week in aflevering 131: Vitamin C may reduce harm to infants’ lungs caused by smoking during pregnancy – Inverse Association between Organic Food Purchase and Diabetes Mellitus in US Adults – Mannose and Cancer – Link between newborns with vitamin D deficiency and schizophrenia confirmed – Study links vitamin D-deficient older adults with greater risk of developing depression – Infections during childhood increase the risk of mental disorders – Dirty air now could harm hearts of offspring later – Brushing your teeth lowers your risk of hypertension by 20% – Men’s penises are made smaller by chemicals in non-stick frying pans – Fascinating study shows vitamin C reduces the risk of cognitive impairment – Dr Malcolm Kendrick – deletion from Wikipedia – Study warns the risks of statins outweigh the benefits for millions of heart patients – Chirurgen getuigen over omkooppraktijken – Quotes van Ronnie – Bijdrage luisteraar – Mike en Henk met o.a de Jilets Jaunes, en Q Anon en de geo politiek

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