Dotcom radio 25-11-2018

Deze week in aflevering 129 EU Scientific Advice Mechanism in lockstep with US government – One in four women say taking the contraceptive has damaged their mental health – The Endogenous Adjuvant Squalene Can Induce a Chronic T-Cell-Mediated Arthritis in Rats – Stelling – Studenten van Comac voeren actie tegen samenwerking UGent met Monsanto – Sugar supplement used for UTIs slows tumour growth – Smoking during pregnancy increases the likelihood of your baby becoming obese – Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants – Air filter that you stick up your NOSE blocks 90% of pollution particles – Sugar-sweetened beverages are harmful to health and may be addictive, researchers suggest – People with diabetes can experience mild to severely painful muscle cramps – How pharmaceutical companies can manipulate science, especially controlled trials – Saffron can fight liver cancer, reveal UAE researchers — Bijdragen / vragen luisteraars – Mike en Henk

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