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Boek over ME / CVS – Vitamin A and vitamin D deficiencies exacerbate symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorders – Preparing a pasta dinner? Diabetes patients should follow this trick to lower blood-sugar – Craving carbs? Blame your brain, Japan study finds – Sensory sensitivity may share genetic roots with autism – The best time of day to eat carbs without gaining weight – More than 90% of receipts contain dangerous chemicals – Worst case global warming scenarios won’t happen – China builds ‘world’s largest air purifier’ at 328 feet – Mind games junk food giants use to make us eat more – Two tablespoons of this condiment before a meal can help lower blood sugar – Dementia could be prevented by eating broccoli – How a Tiny Village Became the First Place in the World to Ban All Synthetic Pesticides – Extra beweegpauzes bij kantoorbaan – Link between television ads and junk food consumption – Oral health may have an important role in cancer prevention – reacties luisteraars – Trump nieuws (wat de internationale media niet vertellen) #mediaprostitutie !!

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