In aflevering 88 Latest Alzheimer’s Flop Raises Doubts About ‘Amyloid Hypothesis’ – Why Lots of Vegetables Are Crucial in Lowering Insulin & Blood Sugars in Diabetes – Could water containing good bacteria combat obesitas – Koolhydraten en cortisol – MIND diet slows cognitive decline in stroke survivors – Adding prebiotics to baby formulas boosts their memories – Chinese boy has his tics cured by a poo transplant – Smart contact lenses monitor glucose levels in tears – Just one cigarette a day carries greater risk of heart disease and stroke than expected, warn expert – Harvard researchers found evidence that oxytocin plays crucial role in helping brain process social signals – Just one hour of social media ruins your sleep – Vaping does encourage kids to try tobacco, report finds – Premature births linked to changes in mother’s bacteria – Curcumin improves memory and mood, new UCLA study says – Air pollution may shorten telomeres in newborns — a sign of increased health risks – Bijdrage luisteraar(s) – Mike over de Trump Revolutie en Henk over de grootste diefstal in de geschiedenis ….

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