Deze week in aflevering 132 – Johns Hopkins researchers find the cause of and cure for brain injury associated with gut condition – Later School Start Time Pays Off For Teens – Childhood hormone treatments may have spread Alzheimer’s proteins – Two technicians found dead at Antarctica science station – How to discontinue antidepressants – High-dose antipsychotics place children at increased risk of unexpected death – Possible connection between cardiovascular disease and living near oil and gas wells – Welke partijen waren tegen terugdraaien btw verhoging groente en fruit? – Birth control pills may block blood flow to brain – Julie Doughty claims cancer pill Tamoxifen gives women ‘awful’ symptoms – Vitamin C may reduce harm to infants’ lungs caused by smoking during pregnancy – Stellingen – FRENCH GENERALS ACCUSE MACRON OF “TREASON” OVER UN MIGRATION PACT – Bijdragen Mike en Henk, Trump, Q anon – Jillets Jaunes en meer

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