Paradoxical oncologic results of Gardasil in #HPV vaccinated women

The authors evaluate the results of HPV vaccination on the incidence of invasive cervical cancer in different countries, comparing published data in national cancer registries of HPV vaccine coverage. Method. After collecting crude figures and standardized incidences from oncologic registers of Australia (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) Great Britain (Cancer research UK), Sweden and Norway (Nordcan), they analyse the evolutions and their tendencies before and after the era of vaccination in the different countries and different age groups, with a particular attention to 20-29 age groups (high vaccine coverage). Results In all studied countries, these evolutions are similar. During the 1989-2007 ( pre-anti HPV vaccination period), the incidence of invasive cervical cancer declined in all countries, results linked with smear screening. Vaccination campaigns were initiated in 2007 (Australia) or 2008 (Great Britain), and we have now 7 to 9 years of follow up.

5 jaar onrust mbt #HPV vaccinaties in Denemarken

Five years of HPV vaccine Controversy in Denmark Denmark was one of the leading countries in implementing and promoting HPV vaccine programs. We did clinical trials, implemented the HPV vaccine in the Danish childhood vaccination program as one of the first countries in Europe. Denmark was also one of the first countries to face the backside of the medal, the huge number of serious adverse events, following HPV vaccine administration.

HPV vaccination syndrome – Martinez

Several independent investigators have described the onset of a chronic debilitating illness soon after HPV vaccination. This illness is characterized by headache, fatigue, widespread pain, dizziness nausea and abnormal movements, among other vexing symptoms. This constellation of symptoms and signs has been labeled with different diagnoses such as complex regional pain syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia. These are illnesses often difficult to diagnose that have overlapping clinical features. We suggest the name “HPV vaccination syndrome” to encompass these cases. Profound dysautonomia and small fiber neuropathy have been reported in these cases. We propose that HPV vaccine-triggered, immune-mediated autonomic dysfunction and small fiber neuropathy could lead to the development of HPV vaccination syndrome in genetically susceptible individuals.

Klokkenluider – de cover-up van het hepatitis B vaccin in Israel

During my 2019 Knesset run with the Zehut party, I did everything in my power to become a Knesset member and fight for an investigation of the Sci-B-Vac scandal. This was nothing less than a scientific experiment done without Informed Consent (the parents were neither informed that their children were used in an experiment, nor were they asked to consent) on 428,000 babies (if you only count the experimental group…) in which thousands of babies were damaged, in many cases with permanent developmental and neurological issues. The SciVac company and the Israeli “Ministry of Health” are engaged in a cover-up on a global scale. Phase III testing is still taking place worldwide (on adults, of course), and their endgame is to get the FDA’s seal of approval and thus retroactively try to dispel the simple fact that they experimented on nearly half a million Israeli babies with no proper testing before that. And after that, business as usual. Nothing to see here, folks. This Channel 11 “Kan” exposé was a miracle, but it is also just the tip of the iceberg! Please watch this exposé, I wrote the subtitles myself because I understood the direness of the situation. For political / strategic reasons I was not able to publish this personally until now. From now on, I shall not be silent, and I will continue to pursue an investigation into this terrible deed in any political vessel that is able to contain truth and justice.