Het Duitse rerum protocol bij #autisme

It is widely acknowledged that ASD mainly derives from peri- and postnatal insult to the brain, but also from prenatal stress and the lifestyle of the mother. Toxic metals, environmental pollution, disease-causing microbes, C-section, too early weaning, the use of baby formulas, antibiotic abuse during and after birth, as the well known impact of vaccines, bad diet habits of the mother (including far too high carb and sugar consumption leading to an exitotoxic exposure of sugar in the brain) may be just some of the determinants forcing this development. The one significant result facing these determinants is the developmental hints of the gut’s microbiome during pregnancy and during the first three years. Due to the strong impact of the gut-brain axis, all the named aspects induce – via the microbiome –  a low to high stress level to the developing brain and cause excessive microglia activation and chronic neuroinflammation.



De risico’s van aluminiumzouten in vaccins zoals het HPV vaccin

Belangrijke informatie voor mensen die wel vragen stellen over de veiligheid van vaccins omdat journalisten dit niet willen doen. In de Ortho van deze maand een uitgebreid artikel over aluminium dat zich stapelt in de hersenen en met name in de bekende vaccins zit, dus ook CERVARIX, het baarmoederhalskanker vaccin.

Cruciale informatie die niet bekend is bij het mainstream publiek en belangrijk is voor ouders met jonge kinderen en wordt doodgezwegen door de reguliere media. Wetenschappers zien voldoende bewijs voor de risico’s van aluminiumzouten in vaccins en deo’s. Met name jongens blijken aluminium te stapelen en zij zijn de volgende doelgroep voor het HPV vaccin.


Aluminium in brain tissue in autism:




The Gary Null Show – 06.27.18

The Poison Project  and the role of the EPA in colluding with agricultural and chemical corporations to promote as well as hide the dangers of toxic substances from the public Dr. Jonathan Latham is the co-founder and executive director of the Bioscience Resource Project in Ithaca NY, a public interest organization that provides and conducts independent research analysis in agriculture biosciences. The Project is also host for the alternative scientific news source on the impacts of food and biotechnology on human health and the environment, Independent Science News.  Dr. Latham has been at the forefront for initiating a debate that challenges the dominant medical DNA theory as a fundamental cause of diseases. He holds a Masters in Crop Genetics, a doctorate in Virology and did postdoctoral research at the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Genetics. Last year, Jonathan’s Project in collaboration with the Center for Media and Democracy released a trove of over 20,000 rediscovered documents from the chemical industry and federal regulatory agencies, include science papers, internal memos and reports, minutes from private meetings and more. Now being called the Poison Papers, these documents show that as far as the 1920s up to the present, private chemical companies, including DuPont, Monsanto, Union Carbide and many others.