The Gary Null Show – 06.29.18

Will Congress authorize indefinite detention of Americans who oppose the Executive’s policies? Marjorie Cohn is professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, a criminal defense attorney, and a former president of the National Lawyers Guild, who has specialized in international human rights, crimes such as torture and drone strikes, and US foreign policy.  She is currently the deputy secretary general of the Bureau of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, having served as a legal observer in Iran.

Understanding the #Populist Turn III – Frank Furedi

Instead of trying to understand voters for populist and nationalist parties, we often tend to dismiss them as racists, xenophobes, and second class citizens. During this programme, we are changing perspectives with one of the most renowned sociologists in the UK, Frank Furedi. In his latest book ‘Populism and the European Culture Wars – he defends the right of the Hungarian and Polish people, to be Christian, to be conservative and above all: nationalistic.