Saving Atlantis – Short Trailer

Saving Atlantis is a feature-length documentary film produced by Oregon State University and narrated by Peter Coyote. It covers the dramatic decline of the world’s coral reefs and those who are fighting to save them. Following the Global Coral Microbiome Project, a National Science Foundation-funded effort to understand the underlying causes of coral disease, as well as other coral conservation efforts, this film focuses on the plight of an endangered habitat and the people most dramatically impacted by its disappearance.

Het pad naar Impivaara

This is the first episode of Impivaara, a Finnish concept that Juhana L will explore in a series for Red Ice TV. In order to understand the present state of Finland we need to know what is going on underneath the surface of the culture and how Finland ended up where it is today. In Impivaara you’ll hear about multiculturalism, Karelianism and Finnish folklore. Even geopolitics and sustainability are other areas that Impivaar will highlight.