De komende mini #ijstijd – Rolf Witzsche – #klimaat

When, in the 2050s, the climate on Earth drops out of its current interglacial condition, the entire planet becomes uninhabitable for humanity, unless we build us a New World with technological infrastructures that the Ace Age cannot affect. The gravest crisis in history is before us. A process has begun by which Canada, Europe, Russia, large parts of the USA and China, become uninhabitable in the 2050s, because of the cold, with much of the world becoming deserts for the lack of precipitation. The evidence is plain. The transition to the next 90,000-year glaciation phase is already in progress and is far advanced. Open your eyes. The universe is changing. Move with it and live. The video includes “Indexed Ice Age Carousel.”

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Nir Shaviv – The Cosmic Ray #Climate Link – #solar

The 20th century has seen a notable temperature rise, generally attributed to the greenhouse effect of anthropogenic gases, and a future “business as usual” policy is generally believed to be catastrophic. However, significant evidence indicates that the sun plays a major role in climate change. Shaviv reviews the evidence which proves the existence and quantifies the physical mechanism linking between solar activity and climate — galactic cosmic ray ionization of the atmosphere and its effect on cloud cover. In particular, Shaviv argues that the link operates on geological time scales, linking our galactic motion to long term climate variationsand that once the link is taken into account, a much more consistent picture for 20th century global warming is obtained. In it, climate sensitivity is low and future climate change is benign.

CO2 Not Dangerous

Scientists are putting forward the case against CO2 endangerment by making submissions to inform EPA’s reconsideration of that erroneous...