Pets and #GMO s Official Trailer

Pets – like people – are suffering from unprecedented increased health risks including cancer and other debilitating diseases and disorders. Studies on animals fed genetically modified food have shown organ damage, potential pre-cancerous cell growth, damaged immune systems, allergies and more due to GM food. Switching to non-GMO and/or organic diets can help reduce the risk of health problems, assist our pets in recovery and support them to enjoy a longer life span . This website is a resource for pet owners to learn more about the health risks of GMOs and pesticides in pet food, and to provide information on healthier alternatives.

In 2007 waarschuwde deze auteur al voor genetische manipulatie van zaden – #gmo

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

This skillfully researched book focuses on how a small socio-political American elite seeks to establish its control over the very basis of human survival, the provision of our daily bread. Control the food and you control the people. This is no ordinary book about the perils of GMO. Engdahl takes the reader inside the corridors of power, into the backrooms of the science labs, behind closed doors in the corporate boardrooms. The author reveals a World of profit-driven political intrigue, government corruption and coercion, where genetic manipulation and the patenting of life forms are used to gain worldwide control over food production. The book is an eye-opener, a must-read for all those committed to the causes of social justice and World peace.

  • Paperback: 360 pages
  • Publisher: Global Research; 1st edition (November 20, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0973714727
  • ISBN-13: 978-0973714722

Hoe Monsanto zorgt voor genetische veranderingen in kinderen, EU laat dit bedrijf samengaan met Bayer

Genetically Modified Children | Official Trailer

Can Monsanto chemicals permanently alter your child’s genes? Low-income tobacco farmers face skyrocketing cancer rates with more devastating repercussions affecting their children: severe physical deformities and mental disabilities. Choosing between poverty or poison, Latin American growers have no choice but to use harmful chemicals such as the herbicide glyphosate (aka Monsanto’s Roundup) and Bayer’s insecticide Confidor if they want to certify and sell their crops to Big Tobacco. As patent and regulatory laws continue to favor the profits of Monsanto and chemical companies, the tobacco makes its way into the hands and mouths of consumers worldwide in Philip Morris products, while the poisons used to harvest the crops contaminate the farmers’ blood and are modifying the human genome, creating genetically modified children.


Dr. Huber Lecture on Glyphosate (roundup) and GMOs on Plant and Human Health

Dr. Don Huber is a leading expert on the health effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and glyphosate (roundup). He has published and co-published countless papers on the link between the use of GMO and glyphosate on plant health. Dr. Don Huber is Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology at Purdue University and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Idaho, a Ph-D from Michigan State University. He is a graduate of the US Army Command & General Staff College and Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

This #GMO Claim is Just Not True

One of the most common claims backing the use of GMOs is just not true. That what author and researcher McKay Jenkins explains in this video. Find out the multiple layers of issues when it comes to GMOs and the products used on them!