Dierenleed in Nieuw Zeeland

Calf riding is unfortunately just ONE form of animal cruelty at rodeos. Calf riding involves a calf as young as 12-weeks old being forced into the ring with a child on their back. The calves are often clearly showing signs of distress and do not want to leave the enclosure called the bucking chute. As with adult horses and bulls, a flank strap is pulled tightly around the calf’s sensitive organs which makes them buck unnaturally when released from the chute. Spurs may also be used to encourage these baby animals to buck more vigorously.

Hoe 25 leeuwen werden bevrijd uit illegale circussen in Bolivia

More action adventure than traditional documentary, Lion Ark follows the world’s most ambitious and daring animal rescue, with a narrative compiled from film, interviews, conversations and reactions as events unfolded. How attitudes to animals were changed in Bolivia, illegal circuses pursued and closed, and 25 lions airlifted to freedom.