Pets and #GMO s Official Trailer

Pets – like people – are suffering from unprecedented increased health risks including cancer and other debilitating diseases and disorders. Studies on animals fed genetically modified food have shown organ damage, potential pre-cancerous cell growth, damaged immune systems, allergies and more due to GM food. Switching to non-GMO and/or organic diets can help reduce the risk of health problems, assist our pets in recovery and support them to enjoy a longer life span . This website is a resource for pet owners to learn more about the health risks of GMOs and pesticides in pet food, and to provide information on healthier alternatives.

Hoe zegenvisserij de visstand bedreigt

Since 2016, Sea Shepherd Global has been providing the use of the M/Y Bob Barker as a civilian offshore patrol vessel to defend, conserve and protect critical tuna habitat in Central West Africa. In July 2017, just one month after Gabon declared the creation of the largest network of marine protection areas in Africa, Sea Shepherd has launched its second campaign in partnership with the Gabonese authorities.

Bijzonder moment….

Primatoloog Jan van Hooff, de leermeester van Frans de Waal, neemt afscheid van de oude chimpansee-matriarch Mama, die op sterven ligt. Mama herkent Van Hooff en slaat met grote moeite haar arm om hem heen.