The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour

An absolutely amazing show with guest and friend Pam Popper, physician and nutritionist, as we discuss our reactions on returning from the recent conference in Denmark inaugurating Peter Gøtzsche’s brand new Institute for Scientific Truth.  I conceived of the Institute and conference to bolster Peter’s morale after I learned that he was coming under such heavy attack from the European medical and scientific establishment that he would probably lose his academic and medical positions, as he eventually did.  The conference was a great event and clearly re-inspired Peter.  Pam and I made enthusiastically-received presentations and many attendees were there to hear us in particular.  Every speaker turned over new scientific rocks with creepy crawly evildoers crawling beneath.  The corruption is mind-boggling.   In the service of big government and big industry, bad science everywhere pushes out good science.

“Double Talker” SF Charter Supporter Jane Kim’s Guest Antonio Villaraigosa Funded By Billionaires

Antonio Villaraigosa came to San Francisco on 8/30/16 to attend a campaign rally for San Francisco supervisor Jane Kim who was running for the State Assembly. He argued that he was against corruption and not beholden to the billionaires. He is now taking millions from the California Charter School Association CCSA and billionaires including Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Eli Broad and the Walmart Walton family.