Simplifying EMF Reduction – Peter Sullivan

EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure can interfere with calcium channel signaling, which is the most common genetic risk factor for autism. This talk will present a simplified process for systematically reducing EMF and wireless radiation to calm the sensory environment and reduce the known health effects, many of which match the primary symptoms of autism. The first emphasis will be on improving the sleep environment. Some of the reduction methods are free, easy to implement, and can yield significant results very quickly. A protocol for tracking exposures and symptoms will be presented, along with some recommended consumer meters for measuring magnetic fields, electric fields, dirty electricity, and wireless radiation. Professional resources to help with more complex environmental issues will also be shared.

HPV vaccination syndrome – Martinez

Several independent investigators have described the onset of a chronic debilitating illness soon after HPV vaccination. This illness is characterized by headache, fatigue, widespread pain, dizziness nausea and abnormal movements, among other vexing symptoms. This constellation of symptoms and signs has been labeled with different diagnoses such as complex regional pain syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia. These are illnesses often difficult to diagnose that have overlapping clinical features. We suggest the name “HPV vaccination syndrome” to encompass these cases. Profound dysautonomia and small fiber neuropathy have been reported in these cases. We propose that HPV vaccine-triggered, immune-mediated autonomic dysfunction and small fiber neuropathy could lead to the development of HPV vaccination syndrome in genetically susceptible individuals.

The involvement of a British Army regiment at the heart of the gang’s six-year campaign of terror

During the UK’s war with the IRA, the Glenanne Gang murdered 120 innocent civilians. Shocking evidence has emerged exposing the involvement of a British Army regiment at the heart of the gang’s six-year campaign of terror. This gritty doc reveals the collusion between the British government and loyalist death squads. And to the despair of the relatives, today the UK still refuses to accept their role in the bloody enterprise.