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Update 15 juni 2024

(Cockpit Recordings) F-16 gets hit by SAM..Pilot Ejects!
25 years after Nato’s bombing of Kosovo, another war is brewing
65 Pages of Evidence of Biden Corruption
A Javelin missile hits the last tank in the column and stops the invasion.
A jury says Chiquita should pay millions over paramilitary killings in Colombia
A Utah Mom’s Case Could Break Through a Wall of Legal Immunity Surrounding Vaccine Makers
A ‘Free Russia’ passport could undermine Putin
AI - Hope or Hype?
All the theories why Elon Musk has hidden likes on X

America is BUILDING these secret facilities in all 50 states
American Medical Association delegates vote to decriminalize drug use, possession
As Russian Warships Threaten Florida Coast, Biden Responds Decisively To Ensure Safety Of All Pride Murals
Biden commits U.S. taxpayers to 10 years of ‘blank check’ funding of war in Ukraine
Bill Gates is now doing WHAT with Bird Flu
BRICS' Push to Reduce US Dollar Dominance with Digital Currencies

Catherine Austin Fitts Discusses CBDCs on New Zealand’s Reality Check Radio
Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes Globalist Banker Coup on Infowars
CBDC And The Mark Of The Beast
CBDC playlist - 152 videos
China-Linked Cyber Campaign Infiltrated Dozens Of Western Governments
CIA Operative Exposes How the Biden Administration Sends $87,000,000 to Fund Our Enemy
Constantine 2 (2025) | First Trailer | Keanu Reeves & Warner Bros
Corrupt Freeland Left speechless after getting brutally destroyed

De voorgeschiedenis van de Zijderoute
Dead Whisper | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical
Developing high-efficiency colored solar panels for buildings
Digital Detox | Documentary
Do Vaccines Cause Microstrokes That Can Trigger a Host of Chronic Diseases?
Europa bloedt voor de oorlogszucht van de VS
EU’s New AI Rules Ignite Battle Over Data Transparency
Ex-border official concerned after ISIS arrests
Exploring the potential of micro nuclear reactors for electrifying developing regions

FBI Asked Employee About Views on COVID Vaccine Mandates During Security Clearance Review
Het familiebedrijf van Bernard wordt al 40 jaar kapot gemaakt door de Gemeente Groningen
How Russian Oil Is Shifting Global Trade
I Will Not Be Accepting Any of These Vaccines
In today's episode I talk about some recent advancements in AI music technology and what its implications are.
India’s Rotavirus Vaccine Increases Risk of Serious Bowel Condition in Infants — Are U.S. Vaccines Any Safer?
Israel’s ‘Flour Massacre’ – When A Crime Becomes A ‘Tragedy’
Jeremy Kyle Grills Science And Tech Secretary On Election

Kletsen met de parasitaire elite van Nederland
Kneecap Trailer
Lage opkomst en groei scepsis op links en rechts vraagt bescheidener rol EU
Livestream exploring the Salmon River, Idaho in Microsoft Flight Simulator
Most Studies Show COVID Vaccine Affects Menstrual Cycles, BMJ Review Finds
Nigel Farage speaks TRUTH in ITV debate as other six COLLUDE in LIES
Oil countries predict an oversupply of gasoline by 2030 – driving down prices at US pumps
Omega 3 Fatty Acids - The Real Story
Opposition Leader Peter Dutton vows to ditch crucial climate goal at next election
Ordinary Christians Will Not Survive the Times

Pentagon UFO Hunter Says Alien "Religion" Has Infiltrated US Government
People who lived near telecommunications base station antennas had significantly higher chromosomal aberrations in their blood
Petro Dollar Dies As Russia Threatens To Destroy US/EU Infrastructure
Pieter Omtzigt zich realiseert dat hij de puinhoop van Mark Rutte moet oplossen
Ruim 10 jaar deed Mees Baaijen onderzoek naar de ware machten die achter de schermen aan de touwtjes trekken
Russian warships arrive in Cuba as US-authorized strikes inside Russia
Starve Acre - Official Trailer (2024)
The Instigators - Official Trailer (2024) Matt Damon, Hong Chau, Alfred Molina

United States put a ‘protective shield’ over Iran when it attacked Israel
Vikings - Valhalla Season 3 - Official Trailer (2024) Sam Corlett, Frida Gustavsson
WHO Just Came Through The Biden Border?!

Update 13 juni 2024

$10 Million Gold Mining Potential From Brazilian Dredge
A pair of SR-71 Blackbirds over the California desert near Beale AFB, sometime in the 1990's
A Russian Submarine Capable Of Launching Nuclear Missiles Just Cruised Along The Coast Of Florida
Beyond Blue Beam
Biden Funds Corrupt Ukraine Regime, Opposes Raise for Junior Enlisted Service Members
Bill Gates Caught Telling Inner Circle ‘Global Famine’ Will Make Elites ‘God-Like’

Chemical weapons are not a historic problem in Syria, they are a present reality
Coast Guard whistleblower resigns over ‘cruel’ sexual assault cover-ups
Col. Karen Kwiatkowski - Biden Justifies Attacks on Russia
Crypto trading should be regulated to curb harms caused by addiction

Dandelion - Official Trailer
DANDELION and CANCER - Recent Research on Taraxacum Officinale since 2020 - 8 studies reviewed
Dietary Supplement Found to Reduce Aggression by Up to 28%
Electric Cars Are Terrible For The Environment
Evidence of Iran and UAE drones used in Sudan war
Fish oil supplementation and risk of incident systemic lupus erythematosus

George Clooney’s Foundation to Issue Arrest Warrant Requests for Journalists Whose Reports Favor Russia
Going cashless leads people to spend more money
Hoe Mark Rutte zijn snor drukt maar Omtzigt vindt dat hij moet komen om verantwoording af te leggen
How Democrats are plotting against Project 2025, the ‘dystopian’ manifesto for Trump’s second term
Hunter Biden’s story is a story that all too many Americans know

ICC investigates war crimes in Sudan's Darfur | REUTERS
In Dubai kan ik wonen in mijn witwasmethode
In Slovenia, No Voice for Peace Allowed - with Uroš Lipuš?ek
Legertop bereidt zich voor op een directe confrontatie met Rusland
Linksextremistin ins EU-Parlament gewählt
Macron's EU influence is at risk after European elections
Met al die miljarden had Hamas Gaza in een welvarende stadsstaat kunnen veranderen
New study identifies link between low levels of omega-3s and symptoms of psychosis in early adulthood

Oceans can no longer protect America as space and cyber technologies continue to grow worldwide
Right-Wing Wave in Europe a Reaction to EU’s Subservience to NATO
Russia and the Middle East - A partnership made in heaven?
Russians facing Wagner 'crimewave' as convict fighters go on killing spree
Russia’s Largest Stock Exchange Suspends Trading In U.S. Dollars
Spoedtransport | Controle RS6 | Bivakmutsen | Schietpartij | Bureau Rotterdam

The Embarrassing Reason Elon Musk Is Hiding Likes on X
The End Of The Catholic Church - Mar Mari Emmanuel
There Are Only Downsides to Prolonging the War in Ukraine
Ukraine is turning into a minefield
Ukraine maintains “enemies list” of people to assassinate
Ukraine must ‘prevail’ to join NATO
US Drone Flights Over Gaza Supported Israeli Operation That Killed Over 200 Palestinians in Nuseirat
US senator says Ukraine is ‘gold mine’ with $12 trillion of minerals ‘we can’t afford to lose’
US-NATO Threats Ignore ‘Red Lines’ in Ukraine

Why Are We So Terrified To Tell The Truth? Schweikert Warns Of 'Death Spiral' Facing The U.S.
Why Hamas must be defeated
Why Is The U.S. Provoking A Direct War With Russia?
Ze verbranden ons geld en het interesseert ze geen fuck

Update 12 juni 2024

Air Force tests AI-designed, 3D-printed drones
How Estonia is becoming a hotbed for drone warfare
Miljardentegenvaller Belastingdienst smoort dringende hervormingen
Overwhelming Questions on the Dreadful History of Depopulation
Protocol 7 (Andy Wakefield's New Film Is 'Bold, Ambitious, And Dramatic' - Review In Description)
Rechts zit aan tafel in Brussel wat zal leiden tot een strenger migratiebeleid en minder regeldruk

Update 11 juni 2024

A NATO country says its warship was harassed by 2 Chinese fighter jets as it enforced sanctions on North Korea
AI reveals what elephants are saying – and it’s very human
American slavery wasn’t just a white man’s business ? new research shows how white women profited, too
Blame the Game | Official Trailer | Netflix
Don’t Bet Against the Dollar
Get ready for 2-in-1 Covid and flu jabs after new combined Moderna vaccine trial shows its better than single shots
Maximale boete bereikt in Ter Apel
Nattokinase - Plaque Reversing Supplement, or Biased Science?
The Decameron | Official Teaser | Netflix

Update 10 juni 2024

Adam Sharp and the Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup
Alex Jones to sell InfoWars - What's the Main Takeaway?
Banning RT in EU did not work
Blood-soaked Putin finally admits THOUSANDS of Russian soldiers are dying in Ukraine each month
Bombshell interview with Dr. Murakami reveals global plan for self-replicating vaccines
China LURING Western military experts to train its army with FAT pay packets
Chinese Government Detains Academics On Espionage Charges, Sparking Global Concern
Colonel Douglas Macgregor - Netanyahu’s Days Are Numbered
Could Trump Use The Supreme Court To Combat The Lawfare Against Him?

De Huidige Staat Van DE POLITIEK Met Maurice De Hond
Deadly Reaper drones operating from Phl airbase
Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner has criticized Western states for allowing Kiev to use their weapons to strike Russia
Did Canada just awaken to stop tyranny?
Ex-CEO Of Twitter Says 'We Are Being Programmed'
Exploring Illegal Gold Mining

Fentanyl Is Still Coming - Shelley Moore Capito Grills FBI Director Wray On The Border
Freeland Left speechless after Conservatives call For jail
Have I Been Corrupted by the System Too? | Russell Brand
How My Near Death Experience Changed My Life, Mar Mari Emmanuel
Insane in the Ukraine - US-Made Weapons Strike Russian Targets
Interview with CIA whistleblower Pedro Israel Orta, author of 'The Broken Whistle
Is Google killing small businesses?
Is the CCP Trying to Start a War Over Taiwan?
Is The Military Reverse Engineering Alien Technology?

Klimaatverandering en ‘woke’
Mainstream Media Claimed US Veteran Was A Terrorist
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 - Release Date Trailer | Xbox Showcase 2024
NATO ‘crossed red line’ – Austria
New York Jury Illegally LEAKED Trump Verdict BEFORE Conviction! Judge PANICS, Free Trump
Oil and gas investment SURGES in blow to net zero plans
President Donald J. Trump Holds a Rally in Las Vegas, NV - 6/9/24
PRIDE IS A SIN - Mar Mari Emmanuel & Jordan Peterson
Putin warns NATO "stop this now" sends Russian navy to Cuba
Russia confirms Su-57 damage in drone strike
Russia's top Su-57 stealth fighter jet hit for first time, Ukraine's military intelligence says

Social Media is Largely Faked
Something HUGE is about to happen" and U.S. dominance is on the line
The Alliance of Censorship and Propaganda
The biochemical interaction of proline with lysine and vitamin C as per the Linus Pauling protocol
The role of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in brain health and prevention of neurodegeneration
Turkey Sends Anti-Assad Syrian Mercenaries To Africa To Guard Mines

Unraveling Strange Phenomena at Nellis Air Force Base
Vrede of oorlog? Wie profiteren er eigenlijk van oorlog? Veritas Vos Liberabit
Was Trump Targeted By DOJ, CIA & Soros DA's Who Conspired In Hush Money Case?
What’s Next for Battlefield America? Israel’s High-Tech Military Tactics Point the Way
Why Are Top Scientists In Russia Being Jailed
Why is Russia accusing its own physicists of treason?
Why Is the CCP Trying to Stop a Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal?
Ze hebben de bevolking sneuvelbereid gemaakt, want iemand moet de wapens bedienen

Update 8 juni 2024

40 Acres and a Lie
A Sick System Long Past Its Overthrow Date
Airbus unveils futuristic drone concept
American mainstream expert calls for global war in three continents
Ancient Cauldrons Were Used For Collecting Blood, Scientists Discover
As Ukraine Disintegrates – Hedging Bets Begins in Italy

Biden Claims He Knew Putin 40 Years Ago—When He Was Undercover KGB Agent
Biden could cause nuclear war
Biden says he won't pardon son if he's convicted at trial
Boeing worker told Senators they had nightmares of planes ‘falling out of the sky’ and begged for safety fixes
Bombshell Study Links Rise in Excess Deaths to COVID-19 Vaccines
Boneyard | Official Trailer

Canada’s Extremist Attack on Free Speech
Curcumin nanoparticles show promise in treating neurodegenerative diseases
Dangerous New World Health Organization Rules
De ban van het asielmoralisme is definitief gebroken aflevering 418
Dr. Phil's One On One Interview With Donald Trump (Excerpts)
Dutch police trial AI-powered robot dog to safely inspect drug labs

FBI director won't say what happened to Epstein's 'BLACKMAIL TAPES'
FBI Whistleblower - Israel Has Corrupted The US Government
France denies training troops in Ukraine
France to give fighter jets to Ukraine
Hero of the Week - June 3, 2024: Viktor Orbán, Hungarian Prime Minister
Israeli Settlers RAMPAGE Through Jerusalem

Japanese researchers say urgent action is needed to clean up mRNA “vaccine” tainted blood supplies
Joe Biden uses D-Day speech to brag about killing Russians
Leaked Nasa Video of the Black Knight Satellite
Meta Faces Call in EU Not to Use Personal Data for AI Models
NATO is testing Putin's red line and he's not bluffing
NATO Strikes BEGIN In Russia, Russia VOWS Retaliation Against US
Navigating the Dark Side of CBDC’s with Catherine Austin Fitts Part 2
New Whistleblowers Say ‘Boeing Is Producing Ticking Timebombs’
No ONE is ready for what NATO is planning, but Putin is
Normalizing War with Russia
Nuclear Armageddon Is Us

Omega-3 therapy prevents birth-related brain injury in newborn rodents
People Aren’t Happy With Adobe’s Spyware-Like Terms of Service Update
Real Danger of World War III
Remember ! I warned you, but you ignored my advice | Jordan Peterson
RFK, Jr. speaks out on being denied Secret Service protection
Secret Agent - Send Your Children To A Village! How To Detect A Lie Instantly
Sky News host blasts ABC for climate ‘alarmism’

The Killer’s Game - Official Trailer (2024) Dave Bautista, Sofia Boutella, Pom Klementieff
The Nations Messing with the Gaza Land Grab
Top Secret UFO research grips Washington
Tucker Carlson DESTROY Klaus Schwab as an "elderly idiot"
Turkije moet straks Gaza gaan besturen, er zit niks anders op

U.S. Micro Nuclear Reactors happy to join with NATO military
WEF picks 10 Indian AI startups for biotech, space and neurotechnology advances
Where is the Missing Money?
Whistleblower Reveals US Cover Up of Israeli War Crimes

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