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Sebastian Luning over het boek The Neglected Sun

Sebastian Luning presents “The Neglected Sun: How the IPCC Managed to Forget Natural Variability in Their Climate Models” at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

Hoe de zon een klimaat catastrofe kan voorkomen

The affect of the activity of the sun on climate change has been either scarcely known or overlooked. In this momentous book, distinguished German scientists Professor Dr Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr Sebastian Luning, demonstrate that the critical cause of global temperature change has been, and continues to be, the sun. Vahrenholt and Luning reveal that four concurrent solar cycles master the temperature of the earth – a climatic reality upon which human carbon emissions bear little significance. The present cooling phase of the sun, precisely monitored in this work, renders the catastrophic prospects put about by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change and the green agenda dominant in contemporary Western politics as nothing less than impossible.